About TintypesDigital

TintypesDigital New Media & Technology Infrastructure Solutions is an independent technology services company specializing in addressing the needs of the small-to-mid-sized enterprise marketplace, cultural and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and fellow consulting outfits – people who seek to build and maintain productive enterprises through the creative application of new technology. By “independent,” we mean that our goal is to serve the needs of our customers, pure and simple, not the needs of the technology industry. TintypesDigital is accordingly vendor-agnostic. If we lack the expertise to develop or implement the solution you need, we’ll be the first to tell you, and we’ll help you find someone who can help in our place. While Boston-based, we have a far-flung client base, ranging from Montreal to New York and on to New Mexico and California.

We are, of course, nothing if not surrounded by technology in the 21st century. It is an unavoidable and inescapable part of our modern lives. For those of us privileged enough to live in the “developed world,” technology often serves as an enabler, allowing us to do more, and to do it more efficiently and effectively than ever before. At times, however, technology can also be an intrusive, disruptive force, one that impedes rather than facilitates the creative productivity of our various enterprises. TintypesDigital aims to help you and your organization leverage the potential offered by new technology more effectively, more quickly, and more affordably.

Our company’s associates come to this task having spent many years laboring in the data centers of large financial services and manufacturing companies, in educational institutions and a variety of creative enterprises. We bring the discipline, process, and professionalism of the large enterprise IT context to the challenge of making technology work for smaller-scale enterprises, as appropriate, but with greater efficiency in terms of time and cost. This is the simple design principle operating at the center of TintypesDigital.

In all, TintypesDigital offers a comprehensive set of services and solutions for enterprises, organizations, institutions, and individuals alike who are looking for efficient, affordable answers to their business challenges. Our expertise ranges from the realm of technology infrastructure development and maintenance (whether desktop, server, networking, or security-related), to the establishment of multimedia-based web platforms, and from technology strategy development to project management and deployment.