How We Work

At TintypesDigital, the way we work with our clients reflects a consciously values-driven approach to our work: we believe in honesty, transparency, and accountability. We conduct ourselves accordingly.

Our work begins with an initial consultation, in which we talk about your specific needs as a potential customer, and whether we feel that we are an appropriate agent for accomplishing whatever it is that you need to have done.  This initial conversation might be short, or long, in person, over the phone, online – whatever works.  There is never a charge for this phase of our engagement with you.

If we agree that it is to our mutual benefit to proceed, we will then move to the proposal phase.  Depending on the work at hand, this too may be a long process or a short one, or something in-between, but our goal here is the obvious one of laying out what we believe the work effort required to succeed will be, what the work process (at a high level) will look like, how long we believe the effort will take, and the cost, conditions, and timeframes to deliver.  There is, generally speaking, no charge for this phase of the engagement either, although we reserve the right to change our minds on this depending on the specific circumstances.  If, for instance, your project is so complex that it takes a month to put together a proposal, we may ask for some relief – but in any event, you would be informed of this before any charges were incurred.

Upon delivery of our engagement proposal, we will look to engage in a meaningful dialogue on the specifics, determine whether any revision of the proposal is necessary, revise if and as appropriate, and come either to a formal agreement or not within a reasonable timeframe (which we will agree upon at the outset).

If your decision is for us to proceed, then we will move to the substantive delivery phase of the project, per the terms of our proposal and agreement.  We will follow standard project management best practices, with a formal project plan in hand, and report our progress at milestones already set forth in our proposal.

Upon completion of the delivery phase, we will move to the customer review and acceptance phase, perform any additional work that may be indicated at that point, and formally bring the project to a close.

Post-project follow-up activities will take place as required and agreed upon.